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Laura T. Lewis

Raised on the northern fog banks of the San Francisco Bay, there was always a drum kit in our living room and a half-finished clay project in the basement art studio. I was regularly scolded for singing at the dinner table and dancing in the outfield (I wasn't cut out for sports). Every early memory has a soundtrack.

My younger brother, Luke, started playing music first. It became the trellis on which he and our father grew closer and more alike until Dad passed away in 2005. I found my voice while trying to stay closer to them both after my dad was gone. It has since become my therapy in hard times, my release in good, and the most effective connector to like-minded friends.

I left San Luis Obispo, my home of 13 years, for Portland in 2017. There, I quickly met a very inclusive songwriting community, many lifelong friends, and my partner in love. We found out a baby girl was joining our family immediately after releasing my debut album, "High Above the Brushfire" in 2019. This excitement inspired a move closer to family. Home base is now in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

While a delayed release tour was eventually scrapped due to the pandemic, I am now enjoying performing again in 2021. Solo shows may be rare, but will continue to happen, occasionally in tandem with the band Wolf Jett, of which I am now a part.


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san francisco, ca



santa cruz, ca


country, folk, blues

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